Home Remedy for anasarca

Home Remedy for anasarca

Two good home remedies for anasarca are the lemon juice and the horsetail tea, see how to prepare.

Home Remedy for anasarca with lemon

Lemon juice, citric because it has diuretic properties and can be used to reduce generalized edema.
  • 3 lemons
  • water
Squeeze lemons, diluted with water in the desired amount and take the morning fasting.

Home Remedy for anasarca with horsetail

The mackerel is a medical plant that has diuretic properties and, therefore, helps to eliminate liquids that accumulate in the body in patients with anasarca.
  • 20 g of horsetail
  • 1 liter of water
Boil for 5 minutes with water horsetail herb. Then turn off the heat and let stand 5 minutes.Filter and take the still warm tea.
Anasarca is the name of the disease which is characterized by serous fluid accumulation under the skin in the entire body, as in the hands, abdomen and face. The disease is accompanied by difficulty breathing. The diagnosis must be made at the clinical level and the medical supervision is essential.
The main causes for the development of this pathological condition may be tuberculosis, cancer, but can also develop as a result of heart disease or renais.O treatment involves the suspension of alcohol consumption, smoking, coffee and black tea.

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