Home remedy for scabies (mange)

Home remedy for scabies (mange)

An excellent home remedy for scabies, contagious skin disease known popularly as scabies, is massage with olive oil on the affected area because it will soothe and moisturize the skin, relieving itching that scabies causes and worsens when the individual scratches.


  • Olive oil


Heat and when the oil is warm, make a massage on the affected area with the aid of a cotton gauze or several times a day.
Another home remedy for scabies or mange is conducting hot baths 2-3 times with shampoo and mild soap, to control the growth of dust mites.
Besides these home remedies, it is necessary that the clothes of the infected person, as well as the bedding, be washed with hot water, separated from the clothes of other family members and ironed later.
The dermatologist is the best professional to evaluate skin lesions and to establish drug treatment that is made with an insecticide medication daily throughout the body.

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