Home remedy for boils

Home remedy for boils

A great home remedy for boils is the pumpkin, which has emollient property and anti-inflammatory that helps treat the site.
Another home remedy for boil is Janaúba, which produces a sap with analgesic and healing properties that can be effective in the treatment.

Home Remedy to boil with pumpkin


  • 50 g of pumpkin


Remove the peel and cook the pumpkin pulp. Then, still warm, this pulp put on a gauze and applying the boil for 20 minutes, 2 times a day. This pumpkin poultice will help expel its core and thus heal the boil.

Home Remedy to boil with frangipani

The home remedy for boil with Janaúba should be done with the application of 9 drops of milk Janaúba (sap) on the spot with the help of a gauze, 2 times per day.
To help the body respond better to infection, adopt a natural diet consisting of raw foods and fresh fruits and discontinue use of fatty foods, such as fried foods, cheeses and meats.

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