Natural repellent

Natural repellent

A great natural repellent is to consume foods rich in vitamin B1 such as pork, pistachios or hazelnuts, for example, because these foods cause the skin release a smell that wards off insects such as the dengue mosquito.
Consuming foods rich in vitamin B1 is a great alternative to natural repellent, especially for those who are allergic to stings or even to conventional repellents.

How to take the natural repellent for mosquitoes

To take the natural repellent just eat more foods rich in vitamin B1, about 10 days before exposure to insects such as before going camping.
Foods rich in vitamin B1 include:
  • Pork, cooked ham;
  • Nut-nut, pistachio, pecan chopped, hazelnut;
  • Cooked pasta, cooked oats;
  • Cashews, orange juice.
Another way to ensure the intake of vitamin B1 is to use a vitamin supplement guided by a nutritionist. See other food source vitamin B1 .

Other natural repellants

Another method that can be added to food is topical treatment with citronella oil, must be placed between 6 and 8 citronella oil drops in bath water or to apply it directly to the skin, diluted with almond oil, grape or chamomile.

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